Fairmile Residence West Vancouver, British Colombia, 2013-2014 Interior Design, 9200 S.F. This stylish and luxurious high-end house is located in the British Properties with a view to the south. The design concept is built around the transition from classical exterior architecture to contemporary interior. The interior colours and materials are a celebration of the transparency [...]


Southborough Residence West Vancouver, British Colombia, 2014-2016 Interior Design and Exterior Lighting Design , 9000 S.F. The interior of the house is designed as a transition from the contemporary outside to a very modern inside. Walnut and light beige are the dominant colours and materials of the main floor, however white is a more dominant [...]

St. Denis

St. Denis Residence West Vancouver, British Colombia, 2016-2018 House Design, 7000 S.F. This award-winning project is an example of luxury and elegance and the project is one of the most beautiful accomplishments of Inspiration Design. The extension of interior spaces to the exterior by large openings and a very professional landscape design has created incredible [...]


Queens Residence West Vancouver, British Colombia 2015-2016 House Design, Interior Design, Exterior Lighting Design and Project Management, 6200 S.F. This award-winning project is a perfect example of an A to Z project Inspiration design has accomplished. The project took about 14 months, from design to completion. Located in West Vancouver, on a sloped site with [...]