The exhibition “ARKHEO” was designed by “Inspiration Interior Design”, to be inaugurated November of 2007.

After 30 years of Archeological Mission in Bahrain, today, the French Archeological Mission is proud of several capital discoveries for the old history of Bahrain, principally through its research about the settlements and the burial grounds of the main phases of the history of the archipelago: the Dilmun period (from 3rd to 1st millennium B.C.), the Tylos period (250 B.C. until 250 A.D.) and the Islamic period (from the 13th to the 17th centuries of our era).

To celebrate 30 years birthday and to pay a tribute to the Bahrainis and French who worked together during these 30 years, the Embassy of France in collaboration with the Bahraini French Cultural Center, the Jamsheer House, organized this exhibition about the French excavations. This exhibition also results from close cooperation of Department for Culture and Heritage at the Ministry of Information in Bahrain, French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, CNRS and the Louvre Museum (Exhibition date 31 Oct to 31 December 2007).

Exhibition includes a range of photographs of the changing landscape of Qalat Al Bahrain (Bahrain fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Sites) over the last 30 years, as well as artefacts, publications and a documentary on the work of the archeological teams.

Concept of the Exhibition

“In the 1970s Bahrain Fort was surrounded by Palm trees, but today there are less trees and more buildings!”
Principal idea of the French Embassy and concept of the project was to refer to the endangered beauty of Bahrain nature together with the ancient history of the island throughout many pictures.

ARKHEO exhibition is housed at the Bahraini-French Cultural Centre, “la maison Jamsheer”, which is an old traditional local house, built end of 19th Century, in Muharraq area. For the designer “Inspiration Interior Design” it was important to keep the beauty of the old Bahraini house intact.

All display elements used for exhibiting pictures and objects were movable elements which did not need any attachment to the walls or floors. White curved movable partitions and movable display boxes were used to integrate the white gypsum appearance of interior of the historic house. Very large banners with pictures of Bahraini landscape (palm trees and sea) were installed in central patio to remind the concept of the project and impress the visitors about the richness of Bahrain history and nature. The banners were made of a special transparent mesh fabric, printed on both sides.

A Spectacular lighting design was planned to create an exceptional scenography. The most beautiful part of this scenography was on the terrace of the first floor, showing pictures of Qalat Al Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) since 1977.
The exhibition area has since become the venue for French embassy cultural events including archeological seminars and conferences.

Exhibition Announcement in Bahrain Newspapers

1: Gulf daily news, Vol xxx No.216
Monday, 22nd, October 2007
Page 18, Heritage expo focus, on French role.

2: Gulf daily news, Vol xxx No.224
Tuesday, 30th October 2007
Page 20, Heritage on show.

3: Gulf daily news, Vol xxx No.225
Wednesday, 31st October 2007
Page 19, Exhibition digs in to the past..

4: Gulf weekly, Vol 6
October-31- November 6 2007
Page 11, Jacque’s memento.

5: Alayam news,
Wednesday 31st, October 2007, No 6779
Page 16, ARKEO exhibition record’s 30 years of French ruins.
Discoveries in Bahrain.

6: Alwatan news
Wednesday 31 October 2007
Page 9, Inaugurate opening of exhibition in Jamsheer house in
Muharaq, at occasion of 30 years of French excavation in Bahrain.

7: Alayam news
Friday 2nd November 2007, No 6781
Page, last page, dialogue between photographer and a visitor of
Arkheo exhibition in Jamsheer house about history of excavation
And ruins ..

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