Al Zain Jewelry Stand in Jewelry Arabia International Exhibition

November 18, 2009
Al Zain Stand was designed by ‘Inspiration Interior Design”, for Jewelry Arabia of 2009. The concept of the project was to showcase the glory of Zain company for almost a century. Silver and glass were used as the main materials and a professional lighting design was put in place to celebrate this glory. From the [...]

Exhibition “ARKHEO”, 30 years of French Archeology in Bahrain

October 31, 2007
The exhibition “ARKHEO” was designed by "Inspiration Interior Design”, to be inaugurated November of 2007. After 30 years of Archeological Mission in Bahrain, today, the French Archeological Mission is proud of several capital discoveries for the old history of Bahrain, principally through its research about the settlements and the burial grounds of the main phases [...]